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More Information
Drug Name and StrengthPradofloxacin 25mg/mL
Quantity15ml Bottle
IndicationTreatment of infections in cats caused by susceptible bacterial pathogens in the respiratory tract (including Pasteurella multocida, Escherichia coli and the Staphyloccus intermedius group [including Staph. pseudintermedius ]); and of soft tissues (wounds and abscesses), including P. multocida , the Staph. intermedius group, Staph. aureus, Streptococcus canis and Staph. felis .
ContraindicationsDuring pregnancy discontinue use at term as uterine contractions may be abolished. Do not use with other beta-adrenergic agents.
ActionsPradofloxacin is a synthetic drug from the quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives class, also known as fluoroquinolones. It has antibacterial activity against a broad spectrum of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria. It is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract, penetrating the skin, soft tissues, urinary tract, gingival and periodontal tissues. One treatment per 24 hours is sufficient to maintain an effective clinical level of Veraflox. Chemical name. 8-cyano-1-cyclopropyl-7-(1S,6S)-2,8- diazabicyclo-(4.3.O)nonan-8-yl)-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-3-quinolone carboxylic acid.Microbiology Pradofloxacin is a new veterinary antibiotic for use in companion animals. It is distinguished from other veterinary fluoroquinolones by its level of activity against Gram positive bacteria and anaerobes. The cellular targets for pradofloxacin are bacterial topoisomerase IV and DNA gyrase. The reversible association between pradofloxacin and topoisomerase IV and DNA gyrase in the target bacteria results in selective inhibition of these enzymes and death of the bacterial cell.
PrecautionsDo not use for any purpose, or in a manner, contrary to this label. For use only in cats which have responded poorly to other classes of antimicrobials and when culture and sensitivity testing indicates no suitable alternatives. Use of the product is to be based on susceptibility testing. Though no adverse effects on articular cartilage have been observed in studies in kittens, care should be taken in prescribing Veraflox for animals under 12 months of age.Harmful if swallowed. May irritate the eyes. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands after use. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the veterinary medicinal product. People with known hypersensitivity to quinolones should avoid any contact with the veterinary medicinal product.First Aid If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131 126.Disposal Dispose of used packaging by wrapping in paper and placing in garbage.
Dosage and AdministrationShake well before use.Administration. Administer once daily. Administration to fasted cats has been shown to improve pharmacokinetic parameters but there is no indication from clinical field trials that efficacy is affected in fed animals. To avoid underdosing, animals should be weighed. To facilitate accurate dosing, the 15 mL bottle of Veraflox Oral Suspension is supplied with a 2 mL oral dosing syringe (graduation 0.1 to 2 mL). For cats weighing less than 0.5 kg, a single dose fine dosage syringe (graduation 0.01 to 1 mL) should be used.Dose. Give 5 mg/kg per day once daily for seven days.Duration of treatment. The duration of treatment depends on the nature and severity of the infection and on the response to treatment. For most infections, the following treatment courses will be sufficient. Wound infections, abscesses. Seven days. Respiratory infections. Five days. Treatment of cats can be continued for a period of up to 21 days, depending on the clinical response. The treatment regimen should be reconsidered if no improvement of the condition is observed after five to seven days of treatment.
StorageStore below 30°C (room temperature). Discard unused product within 90 days of first broaching the container.
MSDS (external link)Not specified
Label (external link)Not specified
ManufacturerBayer Australia Ltd
Refrigerated ProductNo
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