PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Powder for Cats 60's

A highly concentrated green lipped mussel powder that is clinically proven to provide fast effective arthritis relief for cats. Provided in a measured capsule that can be opened and sprinkled onto food.

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Product Description


Natural green lipped mussel powder (Perna128®) manufactured using lower temperatures for a highly concentrated product;

  • With high levels of Omega 3 (EPA, DHA & ETA) for fast, effective joint pain relief for cats.
  • Includes a natural source of glycosaminoglycans (Chondroitin 6 Sulfate) that are key nutrients required for cartilage production to aid joint care.
  • Measured capsule dose that is easy to open and sprinkle on food, for even the fussiest of cats.
  • Low cost daily dose starting from only 62 cents for cats. (see research section).


Additional Information

Cats get arthritis too! As cats get older they simply seem to slow down with age, however research suggests that many cats suffer from Osteoarthritis.  Perna128®, the highly concentrated green lipped mussel powder in PAW Osteosupport for cats, is a freshly harvested green lipped mussel, that is manufactured at lower temperatures following a one step propriety process for a higher yield of nutrients to provide:

  • Advanced Arthritis Care - Fast acting, effective joint pain relief for dogs: In a recent trial of over 111 dogs and cats, 80% of pet owners saw improved mobility in less than 3 weeks, stating their pets were happier and enjoying a better quality of life.
  • Highly palatable & easy to administer: 98% of owners said Osteosupport is highly palatable and is easy to give to their cat, either as treat or sprinkled in their food.
  • Effective at reducing inflammation: Up to 6 times more effective than glucosamine at reducing inflammation. A highly concentrated green lipped mussel powder that is clinically proven to provide fast effective arthritis relief for cats. Provided in a measured capsule that can be opened and sprinkled onto food.



  • Piggott R & Webster AJW: Evaluation of the Efficacy & Safety of Osteosupport Joint Care Powder containing 500mg Perna128(R) Green Lipped Mussel Powder (500mg Perna canaliculus) for arthritis in cats using measures and activity monitoring to measure pain relief. 2009.
  • Inflammation Modulating Activity of Perna128® by Inhibiting Superoxide Production & its implications in Osteoarthritis. University of Otago. July 2005.
  • Cost per day is $0.62 cents for cats. Based on a standard RRP inc GST of $36.95 for 60 capsules.



Contains 500mg Perna128® Green Lipped Mussel in a two piece gelatin capsule.


Dosage & Format

  • 500mg Perna128® green lipped mussel powder, encapsulated in a two piece gelatin capsule.
  • Dose at 1 capsule daily.
  • Available in 60 capsules per bottle.


Safety Directions

Use with precaution in pregnant or lactating animals. Contraindicated for use in animals with allergy to seafood (typically demonstrated by inducing vomiting). For Animal Treatment Only.


When to Use

For cats displaying the clinical signs of arthritis: e.g. lameness, reluctance to rise, reduced mobility.

For cats that are ‘slowing down’ with age or struggling to jump up.

As an adjunctive for medicated pharmaceutical pain relief for cats. eg. Synergistic activity with NSAIDs, that may help to reduce usage over the long term.


Physical Description

A light green powder in a clear two-piece capsule.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Refrigerated Product No
Manufacturer PAW


Customer Reviews (3)

Highly recommended Review by Tanya
Fantastic product, I open the capsule and add to my cats food daily to reduce arthritis post knee surgery (recommended by the surgeon). Its difficult to find this in stock at most vet clinics and costs around $15-20 more at the vets. (Posted on 6/12/2017)
Excellent productReview by Bev
My cat Oscar has been using this product for years. It is a great help as he has arthritis. (Posted on 14/11/2016)
Kind customer service & great productReview by Melissa
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Petceutics for their wonderful service with my order + quality of product! We have a elderly 14yo cat who has arthritis right through her whole body. The cold Melbourne weather this year has caused her a lot of suffering. We found the Paws Osteosupport by Blackmores on their site for a great price and decided to try. When my order was confirmed on a Thursday, I made a hopeful request if they could post it the same day so I could get it by Friday (paid Express Post) so we could give some to our kitty before the weekend - AND THEY DID! We got the package two weeks ago Friday and I was able to give Twinkie her first dose that day. She loves the taste of it, and now it's been just over 2 weeks, we can tell it’s working! She’s more inclined to ‘frolick’ and jump – and she is visibly in less pain! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Will be ordering again! (Posted on 20/07/2015)

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