Electronic Prescriptions Are Here Now!

We know that the hardest part of ordering your pet's medicines online is getting the paper prescription from the vet to the pharmacy. That's why Petceutics is partnering with VetRx to implement electronic veterinary prescribing in Australia.

VetRx is 100% free for pet owners to use, and it solves many of the issues relating to veterinary prescriptions including:

  • 1. Prescriptions are managed in one place with no chance of getting lost.
  • 2. You control the vets and pharmacies that can view your pets prescriptions.
  • 3. Prescription history and tracking so that the repeats remaining are easily apparent.
  • 4. Reminders are emailed to you before the script expires.


VetRx does more than just manage your pet's prescriptions. It is also packed full of other useful features for pet owners (including vaccination history, weight tracker, veterinary consultation note access).

When you are completing your VetRx profile, make sure to add The Animal Pharmacy and your regular veterinarian as approved businesses so they can access your pet's file.

Please know that there is still a legal requirement for pharmacists to receive the paper prescription that has been signed by the veterinarian and VetRx will streamline this process. We are lobbying the Government to approve fully electronic prescriptions for the animal health industry, and your uptake and support of VetRx will help this come to fruition.

Your interest in VetRx will act as the catalyst for your vet to start using the platform. If they haven't heard about VetRx for electronic prescribing yet, they soon will!

If you have any difficulty with the onboarding process, then please reach out to the VetRx support team. Their details are available on the VetRx website.


Last refrigerated shipping date:
Monday 11th April

Re-commence refrigerated shipping date:
Tuesday 26th April

We are closed:

  • 15th April (Easter Friday)
  • 18th April (Easter Monday)
  • 25th April (Anzac Day)

We recommend taking a stock take of your pet supplies and placing your orders as soon as possible to avoid delays during this time.

Have a great Easter break