Fido's Closasole Tablets 10kg 100's

An economical and broad spectrum wormer for dogs and cats
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An economical and broad spectrum wormer for dogs and cats.

Controls important Roundworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm (including the flea tape worm Dipylidium caninum). These worms affect the appearance, vitality and performance of dogs and cats.

No fasting is required prior to treatment, and one tablet treats 10kg body weight.

Use every three months for consistent worm control and in combination with Praziquantel wormers where Hydatid Tapeworm is an issue.

More Information
Refrigerated ProductNo
IndicationRoundworm (Toxocara and Toxascaris sp.), hookworm (Uncinaria and Ancylostoma sp.), and tapeworm (Dipylidium and Taenia sp.) in dogs and cats.
ContraindicationsKnown sensitivity to levamisole or niclosamide.
ActionsThe mechanism of action of niclosamide appears to be by the uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation of the cellular electron transport system and by inhibition of ATP synthesis in the parasitic worm. Levamisole acts as a cholinergic agonist and paralyses the worm allowing its expulsion, however, there is evidence of more than one mode of action. Niclosamide is poorly absorbed from the gut. Levamisole is absorbed from the gut and is metabolised by the liver.
PrecautionsDiscontinue use if unsteady gait or depressed appetite occurs after administration. Use with caution in debilitated animals and animals with reduced hepatic function. To prevent vomiting, administer with food and divide the dose.First Aid If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or a Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131 126.Disposal Dispose of empty container by wrapping and placing in garbage.
Dosage and AdministrationAdminister with a light meal or crushed in food. Adult dogs and cats. 1 tablet/10 kg bodyweight once. Repeat every three months if necessary throughout life. Bitches and queens. 1 tablet/10 kg bodyweight, two treatments at an interval of 14 days during gestation and lactation.
StorageStore below 30°C (room temperature). Protect from light. Replace lid tightly after use.
ManufacturerMavlab Pty Ltd
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