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Ear problems are relatively common in dogs and puppies. Dogs are prone to ear mites, ear infections and allergies, and by cleaning their ears regularly, you can help prevent these. The necessity to clean your dog's ears depends largely on it's breed. Dogs with hairy ears, large pendulous ears, or a history of ear infection often require regular ear cleaning. Once infection of the outer ear occurs (otitis externa), ear cleaning products are rarely enough to cure the problem. Signs of infection are yellow or black discharge, offensive odour, excessive head shaking and scratching at the ear(s). If this occurs, seek veterinary attention ASAP. Having a bottle of Ilium Ear Drops on hand, and using this in the first instance of infection, is your best chance of curing the infection without needing to see the vet and avoid prescription of antibiotics / antifungals.
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  1. Oticlean 125ml Nozzle
    Ear and skin cleaner. Can be used as a regular ear cleaner or in combination with ear drops to aid in the treatment of ear infections. Learn More
  2. PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner 120ml Sale
    PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner 120ml
    100% of 100
    PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner is a natural, gentle ear cleaner that effectively cleans without irritation. It only needs to be used once a week making it more comfortable for your pet and easier for you. Learn More
  3. PAW Senior Vitality Powder 200g Sale
    PAW Senior Vitality Powder 200g
    A tasty powder containing a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help support brain, eye and immune health in senior dogs. Learn More
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  4. Troy Ear Canker Drops 20mL
    Active against ear mites, bacterial and fungal infections in dogs and cats. Learn More
  5. Viscotears New
    Viscotears Liquid Eye Gel 10g
    Substitute tear fluid for the management of dry eye conditions for unstable tear film. Learn More
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