About The Animal Pharmacy

Our Mission is to help make treating your pet's medical conditions easier and more affordable.

The Company commenced trading in 2011. Operating as "Petceutics", it was the first online supplier of prescription animal medicines in Australia. Due to increasing demand for veterinary pharmacy services, in 2014 the company established a bricks-and-mortar pharmacy on Sydney's upper north shore. In another first, "The Animal Pharmacy" became the first registered pharmacy in Australia dedicated solely towards improving animal health.

In the same way that your community pharmacist looks after your health, The Animal Pharmacy offers the same range of services relating to your pet’s health. This includes (but is not limited to) dispensing prescription medicines, checking the prescription for errors, monitoring prescribed (and non-prescribed) medicines for potentially harmful interactions, and providing general advice about your pet’s medications.

The Animal Pharmacy employs a veterinarian to provide technical advice to the pharmacy staff and to help ensure the high standard of information that is provided on the website.

The range of animal medicines registered in Australia is constantly evolving. If there is a product you can obtain from your veterinarian that is not listed on our site, let us know and we will almost certainly be able to order it in for you.

Susan Dale

Director and Pharmacist


Pharmacist in Charge

Susan Dale is a pharmacist and Director of The Animal Pharmacy. With her husband working as a veterinarian, she saw the need for pet owners to be able to choose the supplier of their animal's medicines, in the same way as we are able to do for ourselves. She established The Animal Pharmacy in 2011, and has been working with the company ever since. Susan has a great deal of experience working with veterinary medicines and is more than happy to offer pet healthcare advice.


Janet is the full-time Pharmacist in Charge at The Animal Pharmacy. She takes great pride in providing quality advice and offering exceptional service to our customers. Having two pets of her own, Janet is passionate about animal health and is excited to be working in a role where she can contribute to the health care of Australian animals.


Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you and your pets in the future.